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Carlsson Hall


In collaboration with BLDD Architects, Paragon provided Interior Design services for the renovation of Carlsson Hall on the Augustana Campus.

For this project following LEED principles, we transformed the gutted shell of this historic building, a former student residence hall, into a highly-trafficked modern academic facility housing five departments, eleven classrooms, and four conference rooms.  The welcoming Great Hall and patio provide a relaxing respite from the busy surroundings.

Based on extensive interviews with faculty members, we designed a standard layout for every office that met staff needs. Each of the classrooms, however, served a unique purpose, from training to computer labs, requiring function-specific furnishings such as round tables and chairs with tablet arms.

To break up the length of each floor’s corridors, we created a large-scale, subtly repeating pattern in the carpeting using rich tones of blue, brown, green and gold carpet tiles.  Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions give height to the low ceiling, producing a more open feel.

On each floor, common areas featuring lounge seating are available for casual gatherings between meetings and classes.  The oversized sofas in proportion to the two-story Great Hall invite visitors to curl up near a cherry panel fireplace, while the terrace furniture sets a change of pace for an outdoor meeting.

All furniture, fabrics, carpeting, paints and wall coverings were chosen with timelessness, durability, stain resistance, and environmental consciousness in mind.  We are proud to have successfully designed the building to echo the tradition of its historic past while revitalizing its future as a multipurpose academic facility.



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