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Historic Renovation


Moline, IL


It took great care to ensure that the rich history of the landmark Villa Velie was respected when renovating it to house Quad City Bank & Trust.  The 46-room Italian style mansion was vacant for so many years that it was in deplorable condition when work began.  Today, the renovated interior reflects the splendor and grandeur of its heyday in the early 1900s, while providing a unique setting for the bank’s operations.

The original canvas murals located on either side of the grand staircase were the inspiration for the color scheme of the renovation.  The canvases were duplicated from the originals which were beyond repair.  Using these beautiful pastoral scenes, we developed a historical color palette of russet red, gold, and green.  The design scheme was further enhanced with a custom Italian floor tile pattern replacing the black and white vinyl tile that had covered and ultimately destroyed the original marble floors when the Plantation Restaurant occupied the space in the late 1900s.

Many of the original lamps, sconces and torches were still in the building and were restored.  The grand chandelier was replicated, as was much of the ceiling lighting.  Gold leaf paint was used to enhance the beautiful plaster details on the ceiling.  The lighting and fireplace plaster details are restored originals.  Furniture and finishes in the Quad City Bank & Trust’s department were coordinated to the rest of the interior.


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